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Public services



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Autostrada A14, Bologna – Taranto
recommended exits:

    • Fano
    • Marotta – Mondolfo
    • Senigallia


The train times are available on


To find out the routes and times of buses within the Pesaro Urbino province check the website

To find out the routes and times of buses within the province of  Ancona check the website




Carabiniers 112
Police 113
Fire service 115
Ambulance 118
Forestry Corps for Environmental emergencies 1515



Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino

CEA Furlo e Valle del Metauro Tel. 0721/700224


Centro IAT Pesaro Tel. 0721.69341 Fax 0721.30462

Centro IAT Urbino Tel. 0722.2613 Fax 0722.2441

Pro Loco Barchi Tel : 0721/978197

Punto IAT Fossombrone Tel. 0721/23263

Pro Loco Fratterosa Tel. 0721/735246

Punto IAT Frontone Tel. 0721.786302

Ufficio Turistico Isola del Piano Tel.0721/720127-8

Pro Loco Isola del Piano Tel. 0721/720229

Pro Loco Mombaroccio Tel 0721 470799

Pro Loco IAT Mondavio  Tel. 0721/97 102

Pro Loco Monteciccardo Tel. 337/646334

Pro Loco Montefelcino Tel 0721/729024

Pro Loco Montemaggiore al Metauro Tel. 0721 895569

Pro Loco Monteporzio Tel 0721955619

Punto IAT Pergola Tel. 0721/7373275

Pro Loco Orciano di Pesaro Tel. 0721 977071

Pro Loco Piagge Tel. 0721 890109

Pro Loco Saltara Tel. 0721/879923

Pro Loco San Costanzo Tel 0721 951763

Pro Loco San Giorgio di Pesaro Tel 0721970102

Ufficio Turistico Sant’Ippolito Tel. 0721 728144

Punto IAT San Lorenzo in Campo Tel. 0721.776479

Punto IAT Serra Sant’Abbondio Tel. 0721.730657

Pro Loco Serrungarina Tel.0721 891220


Provincia di Ancona


Centro IAT Ancona Tel 071/358991

Pro Loco Castelcolonna Tre Castelli Tel 347 6692316

Punto IAT Corinaldo Tel 071/67782 int 0236

Pro Loco Monterado Tre Castelli Tel 0717957074