This splendid and striking medieval town which looks over the Metauro valley, was once a battleground due to its strategic position. In 1578 count Fabio Landriani ordered the construction of the Feudatario palace (feudatory palace),  an imposing building in the centre of town, which every year hosts the artisan and antique market known as “Mercatino del Feudatario”. Small villages and medieval castles of rare beauty embellish the surrounding areas: Fontecorniale, Monteguiduccio and Montemontanaro. The Museo degli antichi mestieri itineranti (museum of ancient itinerant trades), an interesting collection of bicycles used by artisans and sellers who once travelled the roads of the town and countryside selling their wares or offering their services on site. This collection has been set up within the inner spaces of Montemontanaro.

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