Small town situated at the foot of the Pesaresi hills, records of which first emerged in 1283.  In the second half of the 18th century, with the defeat of the Napoleonic troops, Monteciccardo, Montegaudio and Monte S. Maria (three independently administered castle towns) were definitively united and Monteciccardo became the main town. Of the monuments worth mentioning are the Torrione, part of the walls, the Chiesa di San Sebastiano (1300) which houses an exquisite 15oo canvas by Bartolomeo Gentile da Urbino and the Conventino dei Servi di Maria, seat of the Museo d’Arte Moderna Borderline. Of the castle of Montegaudio remains the bell tower, while of the castle of  Monte S. Maria there remains the castle walls and houses of the castle town. The D.O.C. of the district is “Colli Pesaresi” red and white, a production which includes various types of wine. In the local teritory there are some dairy farms which guarantee a high quality production of dairy products. The cheese produced is usually pecorino (cheese made from ewe’s milk) and the formaggio di Fossa (cheese of the pit).

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