The name Mondavio would seem to derive from an expression used by San Francesco to descibe the pleasant nature of the place, Mons Avium come Monte degli Uccelli. Since ancient times it represented the main force of a perfected system of fortifications, administrative, commercial and cultural centres in a  vast curacy on which numerous castles falling within its jurisdiction. Today the town, still enclosed by its ancient walls, preserves evidence of a glorious past of which the Roveresca Tower is the supreme example. Located in parts of the former monastery of S. Francesco, the Civic Museum contains collections of art and local history. Whilst the Roveresca tower houses the Museum of historical commemoratio which provides an accurate reconstruction of the environment and moments in a person’s life between the 14th and 15th centuries. Mondavio is tied to a small but important town: the castle of S. Andrea di Suasa. Worth mentioning are the annual historical re-enactments in cosutme called “Caccia al Cinghiale” (the wild boar hunt).

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