One of the the most beautiful towns of Italy and winner of Orange and Green flags, Corinaldo is an ancient mediveval castle town surrounded by imposing walls which are the best preserved in the Marches and an extraordinary example of military architecture with its fortified gates, towers and lodges, such as the famous Torre dello Sperone (spur tower). The Chiesa di Santa Maria del Piano is the oldest evidence of the town’s architecture: the apsis of the church and remains in the crypt place the building between the 5th and 6th centuries. But the same previous church of the same name Chiesa Santa Maria in Portuno provides evidence of a pagan temple dedicated to the god Portunes. Among the most noteworthy sacred buildings are the baroque church of the Addolorata, which includes a crypt dedicated to Santa Maria Goretti , the birthplace and  Diocesan sanctuary of Santa Maria Goretti.

Once belonging to the “Terre di Frattula“, the town boasts of a food and wine tradition made famous by its sausages of Frattula and its local recipes. Not to be missed is the ancient Patregnani mill: a historical structure where flour, oil and wine were once produced. The millstones which were active until 1990 are still visible as well as the oldest grindstones of the mill dating back to the medieaval period. Not to be missed is the historical costume re-enactment of “La Contesa del pozzo della Polenta” the oldest historical festival to be held in the province of Ancona.

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